Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Guest Posting by Dulcy and Me

In late September, Karen Jones Gowen asked me to guest post on her blog "Coming down the Mountain: A Writer's Blog." Given that her blog is about writing and being published, I wrote about how A Cat's Life: Dulcy's Story came to be.
        So in the guest posting you'll read about traditional publishing of twenty years ago and how a aspiring writer needed to proceed then to get published.
        You might enjoy reading thator you might feel you know enough about Dulcy! But if you're game for more then please click here to read Dulcy's guest post.


  1. I posted this on "Coming Down the Mountain":

    What can I say that I haven't already said? You know how much I love your writing--& Dulcy's!

    Thanks for visiting this writing blog and also for going over to the guest posting. You've made my day! Peace.

  3. I just went over to read the post and was so inspired! I really admire your persistence. It's so hard to know what works in today's publishing world, but persistence is surely right up there!

  4. Just to be published today does seem to require one to persevere, and continue to do so with all that's required to promote sales. I think of a blogger who had a book published by a university press in recent years. The book, "Full Fathom Five," gained commercial bookstore listing, is on Amazon, benefited from some author book signing appearances. I'm convinced her story would have had much wider exposure and even more sales had more bricks and mortar bookstores been in existence to display just a few, or even only one copy.