Sunday, September 22, 2013

Not Much to Report

Hello All on this lovely day here in Missouri. This past week, I polished the generic query letter, the synopsis, and the first fifty pages of the manuscript.
         But somehow, no matter what plans I have upon awakening, I never get done all that I need to do in order to start sending out queries. As the saying goes, “Life happens.” And while it’s happening, I’m napping, walking, dealing with a headache, doing errands, simply staring off into space . . . or reading mysteries!
         I did go to a number of agent web sites this past week and read them carefully to determine exactly what materials each agency wants beyond the query letter. Also, I read the lists of authors each agency represents. If I discover an author whose books I’ve read with pleasure, I can add that to my query and personalize it.
         So now I have a list of 8 agents to whom I hope to send queries this week. I’ve found 104 agents who represent historical fiction and I’ll write to all of them if need be in my search for someone to represent The Reluctant Spy. My hope of course is that several will ask to read the entire manuscript. That may be an unrealistic goal, but I’ve always believed in dreaming big.
         I won’t be posting again on this blog until I have something to report. That may or may not be next Sunday. Please just keep those fingers crossed for me. 
        No need to take your treasured time today to leave a comment. I know
and so appreciatethat you'll rooting for me. Peace.


  1. Fingers crossed, sending you love. :-)

  2. I hope you DO have something to report soon, Dee! I'm definitely rooting for you! It's such a tortuous process, this publishing thing. It seems to be so much harder now than in the past.

    My agent sent my Therapy Cats proposal out to 16 publishers five months ago. So far, we've had four rejections and the rest are still thinking. In the meantime, I just wrote an e-book, with my agent's blessing, finishing it in 10 days and it's now in production at Vook and will be online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. within a few weeks. It is based, in part, on some of the most read posts from my blog on parent/adult child relationships and will be called Making Peace With Your Adult Children. I'm working on a second one called Aging and Other Surprises. So we'll see. The e-books may cut down some of my frustration waiting and waiting to hear about Therapy Cats which I would still like to write.

    I hope you find a good agent. (I'd recommend mine, but he does strictly non-fiction.) And that you have good news soon. I know you've put so much effort, so much of your heart, into this book. Someone --an agent, a publisher -- just HAS to fall in love with it!

  3. Eight sounds like a good number to start with. :)
    I find the days seem to slip away so sweetly and swiftly, too. ;)

  4. I'm dreaming big with you. It's coming, it's coming. And it will be good when the moment finally arrives!

  5. Here's to the success of the first eight or the next or the next, Dee. You WILL get there if we have anything to do with it. :-)

  6. Isn't it wonderful that the days don't drag?


  7. May all your efforts be rewarded with the results you seek.

  8. Hello All, thank you so much for your good wishes. I hope to send out several queries this week and I'll let you know what happens.

    I hope also that you've read the comment left by Kathleen McCoy. She, too, needs all of us to support her in her effort to get an important book published on how cats helped her clients. I know how cats have always soothed me. And I so hope her book will be published so that readers will learn just how calming living with and animal can be. Good luck, Kathy. Peace.

  9. I'm sooooo excited for you, Dee. Best of everything for you!
    You're marvelous! You're wonderful!

    1. Dear Elisa, I'm excited also! I feel that something good is going to happen! Peace.

  10. I love the confidence of this post ~ wow, a change has indeed come into your life. All the best, you are a wonderful writer and I am dying to read the Reluctant Spy, so someone better publish it soon.

  11. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. Rooting for you in New York City!